In Brief

Mine Enemy Grows OlderI have danced with Fontaine and dueled with Nureyev and had a life of sorts.
I have been a copywriter, creative director, international movie marketing V-P, sometime actor and long time voice artist.
I sometimes write things and make photographs.

Comments and contacts are welcome and followed up if called for.

To reach my e-mail, use the “Contact me” page. I read and reply to all messages.

3 Responses to In Brief

  1. hugh says:

    Russel – This is stumbler, hfschmidt. I had guessed you were an academic teaching research psychology. From your page it appears you may be more in touch with reality than that!

    You indirectly raised a question whether there is a connection between cosmology and psychology. I’m hoping that there is and start by trying to look at both from an anthropological perspective. The interest stems from Joseph Campbell’s observation that scientific advances incorporated into our everyday lives have made our Christian mythology obsolete. I’m among those believe that spirituality is an essential part of our social and psychological fabric, and that spiritualistic practices are grounded in mythology. I am looking to find seeds for a valid contemporary mythology that is consonant with our contemporary understanding of the world around us, as well as of the world within us.

    This is shared in hope that the interest sounds a sympathetic chord with a performing artist. I’m very interested to hear your thoughts and insights.

  2. Russell C says:

    Wow! I was not aware I raised that question. Other than my general theory that everything is connected to everything else, I would not have made that specific connection – from any perspective.
    Mythology is mythology. It is made-up stuff to fill needs; needs to explain everything from fire to the universe; needs for reassurance, needs for a social structure, needs for existing.
    I doubt if anyone today takes Greek or Roman or Nordic mythology literally or as based on any truth at all. However it was once the stuff of life and death.
    A difference with “Christian mythology” is that there is a definite possibility that quite a few of the people actually lived; they were not totally made up, although probably somewhat enhanced.
    Mythology is fascinating. Belief or faith may satisfy, even fulfil some, for others it provides a window into the human condition.

  3. Becca says:

    We complicate life looking for deep significance, for cosmology, mythology, scientific proof. We debate endlessly on these subjects, much like the people who debated how many angels could dance on the head of a pin.
    Simplify. We are here in the world. No one really knows why. or who created us. We should help each other through our time in the world, as kindly and well as we can. Anything else is a nice intellectual exercise, not to be confused with what is really worthwhile.

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