Year’s End

(Right-click on the picture and select “View image” to see the whole. Picture by my Nikon D70)

A year has passed.
How strange that it should end
Without a sound.

~ Haiku, RSC, circa 1963.
A lot of years have passed since then. Not all of them quietly.
~ Day’s End, RSC 2006. The view across the bay from across my road and through the dunes.

4 Responses to Year’s End

  1. Gwen says:

    January 6, 2007 you posted:

    A year has passed.
    How strange that it should end
    Without a sound.

    My point exactly, Russell. What has become of you, old friend?
    The silence is deafening.

    A man of your intellect does not suddenly run out of ink…oops! I forgot to refill my cartridges. Never mind out of words.

    Your Haiku written in 1963, or not, has an ominous tone to it.
    When combined with that startlingly beautiful photograph
    you took, which you chose to post with the verse, only makes it all that more enigmatic and confounding.

    I loathe sounding like niggity nag, niggity nag, niggity nag, beating my brains against a steel wall of silence. It’s boring as hell!

    I’m not mistaken, there seems to be a sizeable chunk of your postings gone M.I.A. Slowly sinking into the sea. I’m not given to
    hallucinations. :{ At least not yet. :)

    Could you not at least let Inga know what is happening and whether or not you are to continue with your site, if you don’t want to tell me?

    I do hope that you are not ill, Russell. I do hope that much.

    Of all things to notice, I just now noticed that in the header it reads “Comming” Attractions. Now why didn’t I see it before?
    And that you lovely daughter has a blog as well which is a recent addition.

    However it is with you Russell, now that we have a brand new year to mess up in, I’m here to wish you good health, peace and joy not only for the moment but for the rest of your life.

    Happy New Year!


  2. Gwen says:

    O.K. I think perhaps that I can see more clearly what has been pre-occupying your energies and thoughts.

    I just read your daughter’s Blog. Impressive. Jersusalem, shalom!
    Gosh I sure do hope she will be safe and out of harm’s way. It
    certainly will never be dull.

    I have a girlfriend who was born and lives there.

    You have much reason to be very proud of your children
    Russell. They’ve been equally blessed to have such good
    parents. :)

    I feel a bit more relieved.

    Good night, sweet dreams my friend.


  3. Hey Pop,

    Thanks for adding me to your blog! I laughed at the comment you wrote when you roll over my name! Ha ha! How did you end up having two such amazingly talented kids? Well, it helps to have amazingly talented parents…

    I will never forget something you said to me when I first came to Israel four years ago; “I am all for you having adventures darling, but do you have to have this one?” I know that you love me and worry about me being here, but I hope you know how happy I am here and how truly alive I feel in Israel. It feels like being in the centre of the world, and the whole crazy earth is spinning around me.

    I really hope that you will come and visit me here one day so I can show you what a truly amazing country this is.

    I love you,
    TS xxx

  4. Russell C says:

    How many Hebrew words are there to describe “perhaps”?

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