It really is “Massage”.

The Medium (really is) the Massage

In case it appears that I made a monster typo or my sense of humour is even more askew than usual, here is the book in question. I did my best to wipe off the coffee mug rings but the photograph is as is and un-retouched. The title is more often misquoted than any I can think of. Could McLuhan have been making some point here?

3 Responses to It really is “Massage”.

  1. Gwen says:

    Professor McLuhan, not giving to massages I’m afraid, ;-) wrote the
    bible on Communication and the Media. He was something of a revolutionary in his field. I read him in my late teens and remebering going WOW! YES! YES! YES! He never gave never me a massage either…but I got his message. LOL

  2. Russell C says:

    I had the worst possible introduction to McLuhan for the worst possible reason: I despised those who introduced him to me.
    This closed my mind and affected my attitude until I began to read him and think for myself. His books are now not always easy to find and I am glad of those I have on my shelves, but everyone with a hope of “understanding media” should drink from the source.
    Thank you for your comment, Gwen,

  3. Gwen says:

    That was unfortunate for you Russel. Many a brilliant student has been ruined by a careless teacher. Mercifully, I was a precocious
    reader and consumed whole libraries so thirsty was I to feed my
    brain and satisfy my soul. I didn’t read to escape my world, I read to escape into other worlds. And guess what? I turned into an author.

    I still have my copies of McLuhan. But you “can’t go home again.”
    So I rarely re-visit my dog eared, much annotated books.

    I’ve always read with a pencil in hand, making any book I own pretty worthless unless it is one of many of my “special” books that are either first editions and/or signed by their authors.

    I don’t so much read “authors” Russell as I do “subject” matter.
    And that is everything from Aarvark to Zoology.

    Sad to say, that my vision is dimming, the print grows ever smaller and the Internet ever larger. Sigh.

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